Building Tech Talent for Now and The Future

With the speed at which businesses are digitally transforming, data has become your most valuable asset driving strategic decision-making across the board.

As your company grows, so too should your team’s skillsets. ALX Global works with you and your teams to deliver training aimed at elevating the skills needed to drive your business growth.


Level-Up Critical Tech Skills Across The Board

We know the time and money it takes to recruit and onboard new staff. Instead, upskill your existing talent to ensure they are able to grow with you as your organization grows.

  • Big Data
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Coding and Programming
  • Data Visualization

Let us help you build a tech-savvy workforce, poised for success


Innovation and Development at our Core

Our courses are designed to keep up with the latest tech trends. They teach practical skills that are relevant and useful to tech professionals. We continuously optimize our curriculum, allowing us to respond to market and learner insights from one cohort to the next

Comprehensive Tech Training

Our tech training courses teach your team the skills needed to help them grow into the unknown future of tech.

Upskill & Reskill Existing Talent

With a keen focus on application and practical skills development, you can take your team of stars into the future with our tech courses.

Future-Focused Learning

Our courses focus on teaching skills that are relevant today, while simultaneously anticipating what will be relevant tomorrow.


Tech Training For Everyone, From Anywhere

We offer courses that can help learners become tech professionals no matter what level of technical experience they start with. This purpose-driven approach helps transform any professional from any industry into top-tier tech talent.

Our tech talent is diverse, successful, adaptable, and agile – ready to capitalize on innovations or changes in tech.

Our approach is purpose-built to take people with minimal technical experience and turn them into top-performing junior tech talent.

Start building your tech talent pipeline today