Shaping the Digital
Landscape of the Future

Our training is shaped by a future-first approach, focusing on areas of study in highest demand. Learning with ALX Global will give you:

  • Real world experience and industry expertise
  • Access to an exclusive community of international tech professionals for continued career growth
  • Cutting edge courses with in-demand training to teach skills for tomorrow, today

Innovation and Development at our Core

We continually assess and develop our program design and delivery to maximize learner experience and outcomes. In doing so, we are able to learn from each individual learner’s experience to optimize our curriculum from one cohort to the next.

As industries around the world grapple with a critical shortage of tech skills, we engage with an international advisory board to ensure that our courses align with the needs of top employers. Our programs are tailored to include the latest tools, techniques, and insights to deliver a high-quality learning experience.

Cutting Edge Programs

We understand that employers are looking for skilled workers adept at leveraging new technologies to take their businesses to the next level. Our program roster was developed in response to the unprecedented speed that tech transforms. 

We offer short- and medium-term programs in Software Engineering, Data Analytics, and Data Science. Throughout each program, learners gain work-ready skills guided by milestone-led project work that mimic the modern workplace.

A Global Career Network

Being part of ALX Global, you get access to a pipeline of future opportunity and innovation. This starts by fostering an environment of peer learning throughout your course, because research shows greater success when learning collaboratively with peers.

After completing your course, you are invited to access an exclusive and thriving global tech talent community, The ROOM. By connecting entry-level and senior tech talent with employers, peers, and entrepreneurs, your access to a global network of professionals is the key to your career success.

From Africa to the World

At ALX Global, we believe that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity isn’t. ALX is helping to bridge this gap with ALX Africa. We offer tech training programs in key markets across Africa, including South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt, where we helped over 50,000 learners reach their full potential.

With ALX Global, we harness the power of that success in Africa to expand access to world-class tech programs to learners from across the globe.

Flexible Payment Options

Our payment options are flexible and competitive. At ALX Global, we believe that talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. As such, we give learners the option to pay in full at the start of their program at a discounted rate, or to spread the cost throughout the course in a pay-as-you-learn model.

Keep Me Informed

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